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Just to See You

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Download Just to See You 40 Episodes in Hindi ~ KDrama GoHotBio

Drama: Chinese
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Status: Complete
Total Episodes: 40


Su Mo was the white lotus on Lin Xiang An’s heart five years ago, but Xia Ran Ran was the ugly duckling futilely tailing behind Lin Xiang An. Xia Ran Ran became Shao Ming Zhe’s fiancée in name five years ago, while Su Mo is his heartfelt ex-girlfriend. Lin Xiang An was the last person Xia Ran Ran expected to see.

Even though time has passed, her memory appears to remain stuck in the past. Can she get rid of him from the bottom of her heart? Her relationship with Shao Ming Zhe is the result of their families’ alliance.

They’ve always been there for one other, but they’ve never been in love. Will his compassion and love become a drug she can’t get enough of? Love is like a poppy: stunningly beautiful but lethal.

Chen Luo is her father’s right-hand man; he’s tried to approach her several times, but she’s always stepped back. But, no matter how strong she is, will she be able to escape the web of love he has spun? Who will be her main guy and her partner in this never-ending romance?

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Just to See You Review

“Fate 2020” follows a wealthy businessman named Li Yu Chen (Lu Yi) who meets a happy and optimistic woman named Xia Ran (Li Yi Tong). They go off to a bad start, but they gradually fall in love with each other. Their relationship, however, is fraught with difficulties as they manage their prior traumas, familial expectations, and professional commitments.

The chemistry between the lead performers is one of the drama’s strongest points. The performances of Lu Yi and Li Yi Tong are realistic and emotional, and they convey the ups and downs of their characters’ relationships with honesty.

Song Yi Xing, as Li Yu Chen’s companion and business partner, and Zhang Ya Qin, as Xia Ran’s supportive best friend, both deliver outstanding performances.

The drama also has a lovely backdrop, with numerous scenes set in the scenic coastal city of Qingdao. The show’s photography and soundtrack contribute to its overall romantic and dreamy ambiance.

One major drawback of “Fate 2020” is its glacial pacing, which some viewers may find overly predictable and lacking in excitement. Fans of romantic dramas and the lead actors, on the other hand, are sure to like this drama for its touching tale and well-executed performances.

Overall, “Fate 2020” is a nice and heartwarming romance drama with good main performances and a lovely setting. While it is not the most unique or fast-paced drama, it is a gratifying viewing for drama enthusiasts.

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