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Cute Bodyguard Hindi Dubbed

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Download Cute Bodyguard 24 Episodes in Hindi ~ VegaDrama

Drama: Cute Bodyguard
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Status: Complete
Total Episodes: 24


Su Jing Jing (Ling Mei Shi) is not your typical helpless girl. She may be small in stature, but she possesses formidable martial arts skills and the ability to defeat everyone who stands in her way. Let me introduce you to Gu Rong Yan (Liu Te), a wealthy CEO who is everything but that. Rong Yan, who is spoiled and dislikes all physical contact, is in dire need of a bodyguard following a string of regrettable “accidents.”

When Jing Jing discovers one of Rong Yan’s accidents, fate steps in and he easily takes down a group of thugs menacing him. Rong Yan offers Jing Jing the bodyguard position without thinking after seeing her abilities firsthand. Ever the pragmatic, Jing Jing agrees, ready for a reliable salary.

They have no idea that their personalities clash more violently than cymbals. While Rong Yan’s role is a continual struggle due to her sheltered upbringing, Jing Jing takes her work seriously. Jing Jing finds herself bodyguarding more often than babysitting because of his dread of being touched and his incapacity to function in the real world.

Through a string of amusing accidents and near-misses, they gradually come to terms with one another. While Rong Yan gives Jing Jing a lesson in self-reliance, Rong Yan also gives her a peek into a world of luxury she could never have imagined. Their initial displeasure develops into a reluctant respect and finally a developing relationship as they spend more time together.

But there are challenges on their way of finding love. Rong Yan’s firm is in danger as his history resurfaces and haunts him. Jing Jing is battling her own fears and secret reasons for accepting the bodyguard position in the meantime. Can they get past these obstacles and develop enough trust in one another to allow love to bloom?

Bonus points: There are other games in town than romance. A charming second pair with their own set of difficulties is also included in Cute Bodyguard, providing some humorous side stories.

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Cute Bodyguard Kdrama Review

Are you in search of a fluffy, fun romantic comedy that also includes some action? Then Cute Bodyguard might be perfect for you. A traditional enemies-to-lovers cliche is presented in this 2022 CDrama, but with a twist—the bodyguard is the woman!

The Tale: Expert martial artist Ling Meishi is assigned as Liu Te’s bodyguard. Liu Te is a haughty CEO who has a tactile phobia. Even though they argue at first, a funny dynamic develops as Meishi protects Liu Te from rival businessmen and even himself (his awkwardness is a recurring joke). Both characters display a gentler side as their cold exteriors melt away and they spend more time together.

The Positive:

  • Watch Easy: There isn’t a lot of narrative in this drama. This watch is airy and light, making it ideal for relaxing.
  • Cut Couple:The main characters have a nice rapport and frequently make me laugh out loud with their backstabbing banter.
  • Cycles of Action: The battle scenes with Meishi’s skills are a welcome diversion from the rom-com nonsense, even though they’re not particularly intense.

The Less Than Ideal:

  • Thin Plot: Don’t anticipate intricate character development or mind-blowing twists. The antagonist is fairly uninteresting, and the plot is predictable.
  • Unequal Roles: Meishi frequently goes above and above to allay Liu Te’s anxiety of being touched, which can occasionally be annoying.
  • Product Placement: Be ready for some potentially annoying product placements.

The Conclusion:

Cute Bodyguard is a popular film among fans of traditional rom-com clichés. The humor is lighthearted, and the leads are endearing. You could feel let down, though, if you were hoping for a more complex plot or strong female characters.


Cute Bodyguard delivers a similar dynamic with a bodyguard twist if you liked “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” or “The Romance of Tiger and Rose”. But don’t anticipate too much—it’s more of a popcorn movie than a masterpiece.

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