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Revenge of Others

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Download Revenge of Others (2022) All 12 Episodes in Hindi ~ KDrama GoHotBio

Drama: Korean
Language: English Dubbed (With Subtitles)
Status: Complete
Total Episodes: 12


“Revenge of Others” is a gripping Korean drama that explores themes of betrayal, retribution, and atonement. The plot revolves around Lee Soo-ji, a young woman who has been through a string of tragic incidents in her life. She becomes motivated to pursue justice and expose those responsible for her misfortune after being wrongly accused and imprisoned for a crime she did not commit.

As Soo-ji investigates, she uncovers a labyrinth of deception and corruption that reaches the highest levels of power. Along the way, she meets Kang Min-woo, a dynamic and resourceful journalist who becomes an ally in her quest to unearth the truth. Together, they overcome perilous hurdles, face formidable opponents, and eventually reveal the truths of her terrible history.

“Revenge of Others” depicts the complicated dynamics of human connections and the extent one will go to pursue vengeance. As Soo-ji’s pursuit of justice intensifies, she tackles not just exterior hurdles but also her own inner demons, putting her morality and resilience to the test.

“Revenge of Others” keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with its riveting plot, thrilling twists, and emotionally charged performances as they witness the protagonist’s unrelenting pursuit for truth and redemption. It reminds us of the consequences of betrayal and the strength of determination in the face of hardship.

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