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Download Dark Hole 12 Episodes in Hindi ~ KDrama GoHotBio

Drama: Korean
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Status: Complete
Total Episodes: 12


Lee Hwa Sun, a resolute police officer, and Yoo Tae Han, a former cop leading a carefree life, found themselves in the unsettling city of Mujishi in a world changed by a mystery gas that gave birth to mutants. Once brimming with life, the area is now home to a terrifying array of monsters.

In order to find the truth about her husband’s murder, which had left her heartbroken and resolute, Lee Hwa Sun travelled to Mujishi. Her surprising ally, Yoo Tae Han, was a former police officer who had become disgraced after a scandal and was currently a professional driver. The mysterious happenings taking place could be explained by his obscure past.

As the narrative progresses, the two must deal with their own troubled pasts while navigating a metropolis overrun by mutants. The relationship between Yoo Tae Han and the murder of Lee Hwa Sun’s husband becomes a major mystery, heightening the suspense and complexity of the story.

The play examines the effects of the enigmatic gas that gave rise to mutants as well as the human spirit’s tenacity and the never-ending pursuit of justice. It’s a story of forgiveness, atonement, and discovering secrets tucked away in the human heart. Lee Hwa Sun and Yoo Tae Han form an unlikely alliance that gets them closer to the truth they both seek and, eventually, to each other as they face their pasts and the Mujishi mutants.

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