Download Hwarang (Season 1) [S01E20 Complete] Hindi ORG Dubbed Complete K-Drama Series WEB-DL 720p

Download Hwarang (Season 1) [S01E20 Complete] Hindi ORG Dubbed Complete K-Drama Series WEB-DL 720p

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Download Hwarang (2022) All 16 Episodes in Hindi ~ KDrama GoHotBio

  • Drama: Korean
  • Language: Hindi Dubbed
  • Status: Complete
  • Total Episodes: 20


Hwarang is a Korean drama set in the sixth century during the Silla dynasty. The story follows a group of young, elite warriors known as the “Hwarang.” The monarch chooses these soldiers to protect the realm and to symbolise the principles of loyalty, courage, and sacrifice.

The plot revolves around the figure of Moo Myung, a young man who joins the Hwarang after his mother is killed. He is driven by a great desire to avenge his mother’s death and protect the Sillans. He meets and falls in love with Aro, a beautiful and kind-hearted young woman who is also the queen’s daughter, while he trains and becomes a member of the Hwarang.

While the Hwarang train and prepare to fight numerous threats to the kingdom, they must also manage their personal relationships and political ties. As they strive to uphold their principles and execute their responsibilities to the kingdom, the young warriors face several hardships.

The story of the queen and her fight to keep her power and influence in the royal court is also told throughout the drama. Political intrigue and intricate connections contribute to the overall storyline of the drama, creating a deep and intriguing story.

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