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Series Name: Legally Romance
Season: 1
Episode: 1-33 Added
Language:Hindi Dubbed ORG [Audio]
Released Year: 2022


A Chinese drama called “Legally Romance” tells the story of two law students who are pursuing their ambition to become successful solicitors. While Jiang Xia, the female protagonist, is a motivated and hardworking student who hails from a humble background, Liang Zhenghao, the male lead, is a smart law student from a wealthy family.

They gradually fall in love as they work through problems and complete coursework together. Their disparate origins and personalities, as well as the cutthroat nature of the legal profession, put their relationship to the test.

They engage in a variety of legal matters that test their knowledge and abilities as they progress through law school. They meet allies and adversaries along the road and must learn how to operate inside the convoluted and occasionally dishonest legal system.

Despite the problems they encounter, Liang Zhenghao and Jiang Xia collaborate to overcome them and follow their aspirations of being prosperous attorneys. Along the way, they discover more about who they are and what matters most in life.

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