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Series Name: Novoland: Eagle Flag
Season: 1
Episode: 1-56 Added
Language: Hindi ORG
Released Year: 2019


Chinese historical drama “Novoland Eagle Flag” was released in 2019. It is based on Jiang Nan’s well read fantasy novel of the same name. The narrative takes place in a made-up planet where many tribes live side by side and compete with one another for supremacy.

Lv Guichen, the final member of the Winged clan, is the drama’s main character. He is an expert martial artist who is out to avenge the death of his family and restore the position that belongs to his tribe. He meets Ji Ye and Yu Ran, two more teenage fighters, along the road, and they wind up being his closest friends and allies.

There are two acts to the drama. We follow Lv Guichen’s adventure in the first section as he interacts with different people and engages in combat with his foes. He also develops feelings for Princess Yin Qianchu of the Tianshu tribe, but their romance is outlawed because of the hostilities between their tribes.

The political conflicts between the various tribes and the battle for the throne are the main subjects of the drama’s second act. In the midst of the mayhem, Lv Guichen, Ji Ye, and Yu Ran must use all of their abilities to shield their loved ones and prevent the devastation of the countryside.

Yin Qianchu, who is not only a talented fighter but also a knowledgeable and caring leader, is one of the drama’s many strong female characters. There is also Li Ning’er, a skilled archer and Ji Ye’s boyhood pal.

The production value of ‘Novoland Eagle Flag’ is outstanding, with stunning scenery and elaborate costumes that immerse spectators in the drama’s make-believe universe. The battle scenes feature outstanding martial arts choreography that is both furious and visually appealing.

The historical fantasy drama “Novoland Eagle Flag” is masterfully written and features everything from thrilling war scenes to passionate love stories and political intrigue. The characters are well-rounded, and the plot is interesting and packed with surprises. The Chinese historical drama “Novoland Eagle Flag” is absolutely worth seeing if you enjoy fantasy or science fiction.

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Novoland: Eagle Flag Complete Review

The Chinese historical drama Novoland: Eagle Flag depicts the tale of three young heroes who set out on a quest to defend their loved ones from the forces of evil and battle for their nation. The play takes place in Novoland, a made-up place populated by various tribes, each with its own distinct traditions, rituals, and beliefs.

Lv Gui Chen, Ji Ye, and Yu Ran are the three primary figures in the narrative; each comes from a different tribe and background, but fate brings them together. Ji Ye is a fighter from the Winged tribe, Yu Ran is a princess from the Shen Yi tribe, and Lv Gui Chen is the prince of the Northern Qi kingdom.

They face several difficulties and impediments on their trek through Novoland, including as political unrest, power battles, and antiquity predictions. Along the journey, they form a close friendship and learn to trust one another even under the most trying conditions.

The drama is renowned for its amazing visual effects, elaborate costumes, and gorgeous scenery. Additionally, it boasts a great ensemble of actors, including Liu Hao Ran, Lareina Song, and Chen Ruoxuan, who give their roles a richness and delicacy.

Overall, Novoland: Eagle Flag is an engrossing and thrilling tale that masterfully blends action, romance, and fantasy. Fans of historical dramas, grand adventures, and sweeping love tales must watch it.

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