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Download Birth Of A Beauty 21 Episodes in Hindi ~ KDrama GoHotBio

Drama: Korean
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Status: Incomplete
Total Episodes: 21


Sa Geum-ran is an overweight and unattractive woman who is married to a wealthy and powerful man, Han Tae-hee. Sa Geum-ran is mistreated by Tae-hee because of how she looks.

Sa Geum-ran is injured in an automobile accident one day, leaving her with a disfiguring scar. She makes the decision to have plastic surgery in order to entirely change how she looks.

Sa Geum-ran has surgery and is resurrected as Sara, a stunning woman. She goes back into her husband’s life in an effort to exact retribution for how he treated her in the past.

Tae-hee and the other individuals in his life are manipulated by Sara using his attractiveness. She develops into a powerful businesswoman and even starts dating Tae-hee’s best buddy.

While Sara has successfully exacted her wrath, she is conscious of having lost herself in the process. She has lost her ability to love and has turned into a person who is cold and calculating.

In the end, Sara discovers how to accept and even love herself for who she is, inside and out. She also learns to forgive Tae-hee for the pain he caused her.

Birth of a Beauty is a tale of self-love, redemption, and transformation. It is a must-see for Korean drama enthusiasts.

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