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👉 IMDb Rating:- 4.9/10
Series Name: Celebrity
Season: 1
Episode: 1-8
Language: Multi Audio {Hindi-Korean-English}
Subtitle: YES / English
Released Year: 2023


In a framing device that sees her addressing her admirers in a live broadcast, promising to divulge the so-called “cheat codes” of navigating celebrity culture, Seo Ah-ri (Park Gyu-young) is introduced as a top 1% influencer.

The majority of the twelve episodes, however, follow Ah-ri’s nearly accidental climb to popularity thanks to a chance meeting with an old school buddy turned socialite. Ah-ri, born wealthy but ruined by her father’s business disaster, makes a living selling low-cost cosmetics door-to-door. Her desire to escape the conditions in which she and her mother find themselves takes her on a backstabbing voyage of social media fame and money.

The main hook of the series, however, is revealed at the end of the first episode, and suddenly everyone in the moneyed Gabin Society of influencers is potentially a murderer – or at least an attempted murderer.

Celebrity’s showy cast is capably headed by Gyu-young in a multidimensional performance, but she is matched by Kang Min-hyuk as Jun-kyung, the third-generation conglomerate boss. The supporting cast may be mostly playing various flavours of vapidity, but there’s enough variety and depth beneath their meticulously manufactured exteriors to make delving into their true personalities and backstories worthwhile.

However, it is a significant investment. In the first episode, Ah-ri warns that this is a long story, and she is correct. The twelve episodes each last 40-50 minutes, which is on the shorter side by K-Drama standards but still feels far too long given that the majority of the runtime is devoted to unnecessary frivolity to make apparent points.

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Celebrity Kdrama Review

Kim Cheol-kyu’s latest KDrama, Celebrity, takes viewers on an immersive and thought-provoking trip into the realm of social media influencers and the demands that surround them. The series takes us on a captivating voyage through the lives of these larger-than-life individuals, lead by Park Gyu-young as the enigmatic Seo Ah-ri and Kang Min-hyuk as the intriguing Han Jun-kyung.

Seo Ah-ri, a top star and influential figure in the realm of social media, is at the centre of star. Park Gyu-young expresses Ah-ri’s rich and multidimensional personality with ease, enticing viewers with her charisma and honesty. We see the highs and lows of Ah-ri’s life as she deals with the rigours of celebrity, the pressures of maintaining her image, and the continual scrutiny of the public eye. Park Gyu-young’s outstanding performance gives Ah-ri depth and vulnerability, making her a likeable and engaging protagonist.

Han Jun-kyung, played by Kang Min-hyuk, is Ah-ri’s counterpart. Jun-kyung, a third-generation conglomerate, becomes entangled with Ah-ri in a web of desire, ambition, and society expectations. Kang Min-hyuk’s acting is nuanced, conveying Jun-kyung’s internal tensions and path of self-discovery. Park Gyu-young and Kang Min-hyuk’s connection is palpable, and their on-screen exchanges are replete with tension, emotional depth, and compelling moments.

Kang Min-hyuk plays Ah-ri’s opponent, Han Jun-kyung. Jun-kyung, a third-generation conglomerate, is caught up in a web of desire, ambition, and societal expectations with Ah-ri. Kang Min-hyuk’s performance is nuanced, reflecting Jun-kyung’s internal tensions and journey of self-discovery. The chemistry between Park Gyu-young and Kang Min-hyuk is palpable, and their on-screen interactions are filled with tension, emotional depth, and fascinating moments.

Behind the camera, Kim Yi-young’s script weaves a rich narrative that goes deep into the characters’ aspirations, mysteries, and vulnerabilities. The plot moves at a fast pace, keeping the audience interested with its twists and turns. Themes like celebrity, identity, and the impact of social media on our lives are intelligently examined, prompting audiences to consider their own interactions with these components.

Overall, Celebrity is an excellent KDrama that dives into the desires and mysteries that surround social media influencers and celebrities. The outstanding performances of Park Gyu-young, Kang Min-hyuk, and the rest of the cast, together with the fascinating plot and lovely music, make this series a riveting examination of fame, identity, and the complexities of human relationships. Prepare to be fascinated as Celebrity transports you to the intriguing world of social media influencers.

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