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Download Special Agent Korean Movie in Hindi ~ KDrama GoHotBio

  • Drama: Special Agent Korean Movie
  • Language: Hindi Dubbed
  • Status: Complete
  • Total Episodes: Korean Movie
  • Format: MKV


Won Cheol is a prominent agent with South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS). He is given a perilous mission: to assassinate a group of high-ranking North Korean officials involved in the creation of weapons of mass destruction.

Won Cheol disguises himself as a businessman and travels to North Korea. He infiltrates the North Korean government, gaining access to the officials he is after. However, his secret is broken, and he is forced to flee.

North Korean operatives are pursuing Won Cheol, but he is determined to finish his objective. He employs his abilities and training to elude capture and assassinate North Korean officials.

Won Cheol’s objective, however, is not without problems. He falls in love with a North Korean woman and must choose between continuing his mission and staying with her.

Won Cheol is also in a moral quandary. He is well aware that his objective will lead to the murder of innocent people. He must determine whether he is willing to give up lives for the sake of the larger good.

Won Cheol eventually completes his job by assassinating North Korean officials. He is, however, obliged to murder the woman he loves. He is heartbroken at her death, but he understands that it was necessary to safeguard South Korea.

Special Agent is an exciting and suspenseful thriller about patriotism, love, and sacrifice. Fans of action and spy films should see it.

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Download Special Agent Korean Movie in Hindi

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