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the bequeathed

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Drama: Korean
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Status: Complete
Total Episodes: 06


Unsettling Inheritance: Yoon Seo-Ha, a university instructor struggling with personal and professional woes, inherits an ancestral burial ground from her estranged uncle. This seemingly mundane turn of events takes a sinister twist when the village surrounding the burial ground becomes plagued by a series of unsettling occurrences and grisly murders.

Dark Secrets Unearthed: As Seo-Ha delves deeper into the mystery, she unearths long-buried family secrets that shed light on the chilling events unfolding. Her deceased uncle’s life becomes shrouded in suspicion, and whispers of a forgotten curse begin to circulate.

Tangled Web of Suspects: Seo-Ha finds herself at the center of a web of suspicion, with everyone from her estranged half-brother to the villagers themselves becoming potential suspects. Two detectives with contrasting approaches – the experienced but conflicted Choi Sung-Jun and the ambitious Park Sang-Min – navigate the investigation, each drawing their own conclusions about Seo-Ha’s role in the unfolding chaos.

Confronting the Past: As the body count rises and the danger escalates, Seo-Ha must confront not only the external threats but also the demons of her own past. The line between victim and perpetrator blurs, and Seo-Ha must fight to stay alive while unraveling the truth about her family’s dark legacy.

Beyond the Thrills: The Bequeathed is more than just a suspenseful thriller. It explores themes of family, identity, and the weight of the past. Seo-Ha’s journey becomes a quest for self-discovery as she confronts the secrets that have shaped her life and learns to face her own inner demons.

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